Throughout the years I have contributed to new outlooks and business perspectives, boosted marketing- and communications efficiency and facilitated businesses to the right positioning strategy. I combine my skills in communications, marketing, languages and sales to reach my objectives. Business utilization, competence development and how to help peers to success, are my keywords to form successful stakeholder management. I have strong cross functional competence and my strengths are foremost -strong customer orientation, time- and cost awareness, creativity, and solution oriented problem solving.


Communication & MediaProject AB, consultant & project manager, jul 2014 -
CMP helps businesses to reach targeted marketing- and communications objectives. As a consultant, I have in close cooperation with the client, found the right solution with the clients needs in mind. I have focused on commissions such as Internet communications, marketing- and communications strategy and pre-press production.

Osby Municipality - Ekbackeskolan
, swedish teacher, nov 2013 - jun 2014
Ekbackeskolan in Osby is an education facility harbouring upper secondary school, higher vocational ecucation as well as adult education at upper secondary school leaving certificate level. The students are given lectures and coursework with emphasis on grammar, litterature, writing papers and oral presentation. My role has been to lecture, motivate and inspire the students and prepare them for tertiary education.

Osby Municipality - YH International
, lecturer in marketing, marketing communications and design, sep 2011 - nov 2013
YH International in Osby is a higher vocational education facility, producing international corporate sales representatives and marketers. Students are given opportunities to achieve both theoretical and pragmatic skills through lectures, workgroups and three periods of internship. After graduation the students have a competitive set of skills that meet the demands of the rapidly changing business environment. My role has been to motivate and inspire the students to see natural correlation between theory and real life business cases. As an educator I have also been responsible for supervising students exam projects.

Communication & MediaProject AB, consultant & project manager, may 2009 - aug 2011
CMP helps businesses to reach targeted marketing- and communications objectives. As a consultant, I have in close cooperation with the client, found the right solution with the clients needs in mind. I have focused on commissions such as Internet communications, marketing- and communications strategy and pre-press production.

Alfa Laval Lund AB
, e-business & marketing coordinator, may 2008 - may 2009
Alfa Lavals three main areas are heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. Alfa Laval is a contemporary knowledge management and industrial company with clients in more than 100 countries. I project managed and developed the departments sales- and calculation tools, intranet's, printed matter and sales channel management, with emphasis on e-learning. I created an appreciated time- and cost cutting instructional movie on behalf of the segments clients and sales companies.

AB Svensk Upplysningstjänst
, corporate sales representative, sep 2003 - sep 2005
Svensk Upplysningstjänst, today named Syna, is Sweden's oldest credit information company and was founded in 1947. As a company sales rep. I used my ability to listen and analyse customer's needs. Foremost I processed new clients, with successful sales results.

IB InfoBroker AB, mass media researcher, head of IT, web project manager, feb 2002 - jul 2002
IB InfoBroker was a Swedish mass media company, focusing on mass media in former Eastern Europe. The company produced a mass media database on CD-Rom. As a mass media researcher one of my duties were to maintain good connections with journalists and universities, in order to obtain adequate information. This responsibility also meant business travel in former Eastern Europe, and responsibility for the company's IT- and web solutions.

Waymaker AB, mass media researcher, head of IT, database developer, jan 1998 - nov 2001
During a 30 year time frame the company produced "Svenska Massmedier och deras medarbetare", regarded as the mass media bible in the business. From the start this catalogue was a 1000 pages printed brick. As I entered the company, we started publishing the catalogue as a CD-Rom, and incorporating the other Nordic countries as well. My responsibility catered for frequent journalist contacts, database development and maintenance. I was also head of IT and technical customer support.


Dublin Business School
[Bachelor of Arts in Marketing 180 ECTS], sep 2005 - nov 2008
Bachelor of Arts in Marketing (Hons), HETAC awardment body. The degree included; Strategic Business Management, Human Resource Management, International Marketing, Marketing Communications and Services Marketing. Bachelor's thesis in Integrated Marketing Communications: "IMC to promote Open Source Solutions". The first two years took place at IHM Business School in Malmö.

Kristianstad University
• Law [7,5 ECTS], may 2007

Lund University
• German [30 ECTS], jan 1999 - jun 1999
• English [60 ECTS], jan 1997 - dec 1997


Toyota, feb 2007 - sep 2007
My commission incorporated market positioning, market mapping, surveys, and several marketing events in the Malmö/Lund area. During the internship period I was also given a part time sales and event marketing job on weekends and holidays. I successfully set up, and managed a positioning survey in Lund, that resulted in stronger customer awareness.

Aspekta, sep 2006 - nov 2006
I participated in research for new projects, assisted project meetings and obtained a stronger knowledge and understanding of modern PR and marketing communications.

Manpower, feb 2006 - apr 2006
In the Malmö office, at the department of logistics and technology, I took part in the hiring process, I met new and old customers and took an active part in work groups and project meetings.

- Mother tongue
- Fluent
- Good
- Good
- Beginners level
I hold a class B driving license and have the use of my own car.
Military service -conscript sergeant in the Swedish Marine Corps.
Several commissions of trust and vast experience from board duty.
Advanced Adobe, Apple and Windows user.
References are given upon request.


I am a professional user of the Adobe Creative Suite, and have almost 20 years of experience from producing printed marketing material. E.g. newsletters, member's magazines and advertisements. I am well acquainted to Microsoft Frontpage (with several ongoing web projects), Microsoft Office and similar applications. I have also given lectures and held workgroups on these programs, at higher vocational education level.


"Jens personality is purposeful and organised with good ability to achieve results with a positive attitude. He enter assignments with enthusiasm and is not afraid of using his skills in new areas".

Ulf Lindström - Sourcing Manager at Alfa Laval

"You are creative and spot opportunities in most situations. Your attitude towards problems, is to find a way to turn them into possibilities. You are reluctantly critical and find threats at an early stage. A strong creative side combined with being a thorough analyst, gives you strategic clarity. You are set for results and have a better than average eye for divergencies".

Roger Gustafsson - CEO at
ULTIMAT™ Rekrytering

"Jens made a valuable contribution to our Marketing course with his ability to present marketing communications at a strategic level which lead to viable tactical marketing campaigns, right through to the “hands-on” production of marketing material with the use of Adobe tools. As a member of the YH International team, Jens is never afraid to voice his own views in a respectful and creative way that has helped us develop new educational initiatives. A man of many words and many languages – a gifted linguist with exemplary command of English, German, and can order a beer and tell jokes in 27 different languages (I’m told). Fun to be with and contributes to a stimulating and enjoyable working environment".

Paul Phillips - Head of Business Department at YH International


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